A solution which goes further
S-publishing is a service which enhances the efficiency of producing periodical print materials such as leaflets, catalogues or prospectuses.
Reduced production costs
The data entered in the S-publishing database are kept until further delivery of the printed materials. The data are precisely structured and do not need to be re-entered. No risk of errors or miscomprehension of the support documents sent by e-mail occurs while the text is set in type. Therefore, cost savings are generated both on the part of the employer, who does not need to waste time preparing support documents, and on the part of the production, which works with clearly structured data.
Reduced production times
The entered data are set automatically in type rom the S-publishing application at a high speed and with no intervention by the graphic designer or DTP operator. For example, a catalogue containing 200 pages and 2,000 products is set in type and sent for initial revision after 8 hours of work, i.e. in one business day. You may check the rate of the type-setting yourselves in the short videos. Thanks to the application and automated type-setting, we may radically shorten production times and shift the deadlines for data submission to the printers.
Easier corrections and error elimination
The application is developed in such a manner so as to bring about multiple advantages to customers at the same time. Another advantage, which cannot be overlooked involves a zero error rate. This is guaranteed by the fact that only that which is saved in the S-publishing application will be set in type. Potential errors may only occur if incorrect data are entered in the application. Such errors are mostly identified and corrected already at inital revision stage and corrections are made in the
S-publishing application. Any changes to texts, images or icons take place automatically, without the graphic designer interfering. Merging the application with the document in type results in easier corrections.
Easier provision of support documents
Thanks to the application, you do not have to mould complex assignments for the dpt studio. The client simply creates the actual page layout and determines such a product position that seems most suitable to them. In addition, they will be able to see the exact page in which the product will be set in type. The information is saved in the database and then automatically set in type. The risk of miscomprehension of the assignment and incorrect type-setting is ruled out.
Creating different language or price versions
Automated type-setting allows setting multiple language or price versions during a single type-setting process. This method of type-setting takes place in one go, in various layers of the type-setting programme. Then, all you need is to activate the layer you want to apply to the given version. For manual type-setting, the first version must be set at first, and then the others. This means much higher costs compared to the S-publishing application. The customer gets all the versions during the initial type-setting.
Multichannel publishing
The application is used as a primary data source used by various departments (marketing, production) of the company. Publication via multiple channels may be undertaken from a single source (catalogues, leaflets, E-shop).
System-based database development
As textual data re entered, a database is created, automatically and systematically. As image documents are saved in the
S-publishing application, the files are automatically logically renamed according to the ID number entered in the goods card. The database thus created may be seamlessly exported in the format of CSV or XML files.