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a microelectronics catalogue
GES Electronics is a wholesale supplier of electronic components and microelectronics. The customer's request was to publish 13,000 items on 560 pages of the catalogue with variable contents for specific products.

Prior to the actual delivery, it was necessary to analyse the client's requirements using the supporting documents supplied. The analysis is always conducted only once, at all times at the time of the first delivery of the printed manner concerned. Based on the analysis, the automated type-setting was set, which took 80 hours of work and will no longer be needed for future deliveries of the catalogue. After that, we proceeded to the actual type-setting, where the catalogue was twice set in type from the beginning. The initial setting served the purpose of validating correctness of the type and of rough corrections. The second setting already amounted to a so-called finishing setting, including minor corrections and graphic adjustments.

A single type-setting process took 100 hours to complete. Overall, the two settings took 200 hours to complete. With the overal number of hours, including the setting of the automated type-setting and with the recalculated time per item, the result is that a single item was published in one minute with 3 corrections per product, which is not feasible for manual type-setting
Herlitz spol. s.r.o.
a catalogue of office supplies
Herlitz, a company well known in both Czech and international markets, as a leading producer and supplier of paper and office supplies, issues an extensive product catalogue every year. The catalogue is intended for wholesale dealers of the above products. The aim was to eliminate increasing the existing costs due to an increased error rate in both type-setting, and, first and foremost, revision, with such a large quantity of data (thousands of entries).

By merging an application intended for database publishing -
S-publishing - with the client's database, error-free data wrapping and setting was achieved. Another equally important reason for the database setting was the need to fill the catalogue with EAN codes, which, for the client, amounts to addressing the issue of ordering of goods by wholesale dealers. The EAN codes were automatically generated from the database and assigned to specific products, which eliminated the risk of incorrect codes
being assigned to specific products. For the client, this approach to automated type-setting brings about easier preparation of support documents, reduced production time and, first and foremost, error-free production.
Fast ČR, a.s.
a product catalogue
We have already been publishing product catalogues of FAST ČR, the largest wholesale producer of consumer electronics products, since 2005. The catalogues are produced every month and are intended for outlets and wholesale clients of the company. The client always requires a creative design, variable product sizes and product presentations and places main emphasis on production speed, since the prices in the electronics segment evolve rapidly.

In the S-publishing database application, the client creates their own product database, which contains all names, descriptions, prices, photos and a number of other parameters. The information that has already been typed once does not need to be recreated, which produces tremendous time savings on the part of the client and results in more efficient preparation of support documents for the catalogues. In the S-publishing application, the client then easily determines the product position and size and other graphical elements (background colour, bonus text icons, related products, number of images, etc.)

It usually takes 1 business day for the client to complete such a preparation. Thanks to automated type-setting, the client obtains the text in type for correction at the end of the second business day (on average, the catalogue contains approx. 200 pages and 2,000 entries). The catalogue is produced
in 3 versions - with prices, without prices and with showroom prices. Production of comprehensive support documents for the catalogue with pre-print preparation and 3 revisions takes 5 business days to complete.
Elektro Planeo
a retail leaflet
The wholesale dealer of consumer electronics products demanded a fast and error-free processing of regularly issued retail leaflets for Planeo outlets.

Despite the fact that for this leaflet type, a greater emphasis is placed on the creative aspect, retail leaflets are produced by automated type-setting using the S-publishing application

Using the S-publishing application, the marketing department prepares support documents for the type-setting of retail leaflets. All requirements are entered in the application; it is there where the information is saved for the subsequent type setting (placement on the page, size, page, background colour, banners, icons, gifts and related products and instalments). After support documents set in this format are provided, the subsequent type-setting of a leaflet containing 200 products takes 8 hours of work.