The method to assign catalogues and leaflets more effectively
S-publishing application
S-publishing is an application, which increases the efficiency of commissioning and producing periodical materials. The application serves as an instrument for database publishing. It was created as a result of merging standard desktop publishing programmes with a database. The gist of the application consists in creating specific goods cards, which includes an option to import data. The subsequent data export from the application may be used in various publishing channels (catalogue, virtual catalogue, leaflet, e-shop, HTML e-mails, etc.)
For whom does the application constitute the best solution?
The application applies to jobs published electronically or in print, namely periodically, once a month, once a quarter, once a year, or once in two years. One-off type-setting jobs are also suitable if the data volume or nature makes it too difficult for the data to be processed manually. This mainly concerns catalogues with a high number of numerical indications, where human factor errors are imminent, or catalogues with a large volume of data, where manual type-setting would take too much time (weeks and months).
Database development and data updates
As new textual data are entered, a systematic database evolves. As image documents are saved, the files are logically renamed according to the ID number entered in the goods card. If you need to update the data in the card (price, image, icon), all you need to do is overwrite the invalid text. Then, the application will automatically set in type the current text or new images. The data once entered in the application do not need to be re-entered. The data are automatically saved and may be applied for every subsequent delivery.
It is easy and online
Thanks to the unique merging of standard desktop publishing software (QuarkXpress and InDesign) with the S-publishing application, it is very easy for the employers to prepare support documents for printed materials. The application has been programmed to be as accessible and user-friendly as is practicable. Employers may simply determine the page, product size, placement on the page and its graphical content without having to be able to work with complex graphic software.

It is an elegant and simple solution. You do not need to download, install or configure anything. All you need is a web browser and Internet connection. Regardless of the operating system. It is as simple as opening a website.
Data protection and security
The application is password protected. It is left to you only to decide who will have access to the application and at what access level. In your S-publishing application, you may set access according to IP address, thanks to which you will be able to make sure users will only be able to register for your data from a single IP address (that of the company), and not from home, or vice versa. Client accounts are protected by passwords and by the SSL protocol with IP filtering.
Use of your own database from an IS or e-shop
The S-publishing application may be interconnected with your information system or e-shop. The risk of several data sources evolving is therefore eliminated. We strive to maintain maximum security of your data. Therefore, the interconnection is not direct, but rather takes place by updating a file regularly exported from your system.